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OCI / Job Posting

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OCI registration opens 03/30/2023

OCI requests accepted by

OCI requests accepted by Mail
Email to
Online, URL
Email beginning date 03/30/2023
Mail beginning date 03/30/2023
Phone beginning date 03/30/2023
Online beginning date 03/30/2023

Please specify any changes in OCI procedures or policies that will be in effect for the first time during 2023
Employers should register through CORE at If you need assistance or prefer to register via phone, call the office at 210-436-3511.

OCI date assignment procedure

OCI date assignment procedure First come first served


OCI Fee? none
OCI date confirmation will be sent to employers 06/23/2023

If requested our school will coordinate with

Required Employer Forms
Registration via 12Twenty (CORE) at

OCI Date Details

OCI Interview Periods August and September

Callback period for 2L summer positions

Is video conferencing available? Yes

Video conferencing is offered and arrangements must be set up well in advance.

Are employers permitted to prescreen? Yes


OCI Drop date 06/23/2023
Date student materials sent to employer 07/12/2023
Date interview schedule sent to employer 07/25/2023


Postage/express mail fee none

Dates subject to change depending on session in 12Twenty (CORE).

Do you provide resume collection or direct mail option for employers not participating in OCI? Yes
Are all OCI conducted in campus buildings? Yes

If you organize or participate in either cooperative or off-campus interview programs, please list applicable information about participating schools, dates, interview locations, program coordinator/telephone, pre-screening or other selection process, and registration fees.
Public Service Career Fair, Austin, TX Sunbelt Diversity Recruitment Program, Dallas, TX Loyola Patent Law Interview Program, Chicago, IL Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair, Atlanta, GA Southeastern Minority Job Fair, Virtual Hispanic National Bar Association Job Fair, location varies Lavender Law Conference, location varies Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair, Washington, DC National Black Prosecutors Job Fair, Denver, CO

Sunbelt Diversity Recruitment Program Southeastern Minority Job Fair Hispanic National Bar Association Job Fair Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair National Black Prosecutors Annual Conference & Job Fair Bay Area Diversity Career Fair Rocky Mountain Diversity Career Fair Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair Indianapolis Bar Association Diversity Job Fair Northwest Minority Job Fair St. Louis Diversity Job Fair

For Employers who do not interview students on-campus, will you:

send, upon request, one package containing resumes/transcripts? Yes
post a notice directing students to apply directly to employer? Yes

If you provide job listings for graduates, describe how to send notice, when employers can expect responses, length of time notice is posted (whether in print or online), etc.
Employers may submit job listings directly through our online job bank at Employers seeking assistance or who prefer to provide their information via email, phone or fax should contact our office at 210-436-3511. Employers will receive application responses as graduates apply. If an employer chooses to have application accumulate online, the employer will need to specify when they would like to receive application packets from our office. Job listings remain active in our job bank for 14 days, unless specified differently by the employer.

FIRST-YEAR STUDENT Describe any special regulations pertaining to the recruitment of first year students. For example, are first year students eligible for spring OCI? When are job notices posted during second semester?
The Office of Career Strategy at St. Mary’s Law believes that early engagement is critical to students’ long-term career success and satisfaction. This engagement occurs in a variety of ways, from small-group discussion, wide-ranging programming and relationship-building events, key document creation, large class instruction, and, most importantly, individualized career advising. First-year students are introduced to the Office of Career Strategy over the summer and again at orientation, when, in addition to providing an overview of the office, we conduct a practical workshop (the topic changes each year) that gets students thinking about their career and professional development. They then have a wide variety of ways in which to engage with our office and all that we offer throughout the year. As a member of the Texas Consortium, a collaboration between all of the Texas law schools, St. Mary’s Law encourages first-year students to participate in the Public Service Career Fair each winter, the first organized opportunity for students to secure employment for the summer between their first and second years. First-year students are also able to apply for summer positions posted in our online job bank and participate in the Spring Recruitment Program.

Recruiting Policy Information

Does your law school have a recruiting policy? Yes
If yes, does this policy apply to All employers
Link to policy
Do you provide guidelines or a specific requirement regarding the number of days a student should have to respond to an offer? Guidelines
Minimum number of days a student should have to respond 10
Is there a maximum number of employment offers a student may hold open at any one time? No
Maximum number of offers that can be held open 0
Is there a specific date before which employers should not initiate formal one-on-one recruiting contact with first-year students? No
Recruiting policy comments/explanation Employer Recruiting Policies and Guidelines

The Summer (Formerly Fall) and Winter (Formerly Spring) Recruitment Programs provide employers the opportunity to interview current St. Mary’s University School of Law students on campus for immediate, summer, and postgraduate positions. If your organization prefers, you can also participate in a Resume Collect.

Offer Timing Policies

As a member of NALP, St. Mary’s Law follows the NALP Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruiting Process.

If your organization chooses to participate in our Summer or Winter Recruitment Programs, including a Resume Collect, we require that any job offer made to students for anything beyond immediate employment (defined as beginning to work for your organization within 30 days) be left open for a minimum of ten (10) business days. For any employment beginning within thirty (30) days, the offer must be left open for at least three (3) business days.

Given the small size of the Office of Career Strategy (OCS), these offer windows will provide candidates the time to consult with OCS staff and others to reach considered decisions. It will also offer employers the opportunity to thoughtfully and consciously manage offer ratios.

Dates for Summer Recruitment will be determined each spring, and 2L and 3L students will be eligible to participate.

Dates for Winter Recruitment will be determined each fall. In addition to current 2L and 3L students, 1L students will be eligible to participate in Winter Recruitment if your organization is interested.

Non-Discrimination Policy

All organizations that take part in recruiting activities, including but not limited to Summer and Winter Recruitment, Resume Collects, job postings, and participating in programming through St. Mary’s Law must comply with St. Mary’s University’s Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment Policies. By posting a job, employers agree to comply with these Policies.

Please contact Kimberly Underdown, Director of Student Engagement and Employment, at 210-436-3511 or [email protected] with any questions.