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OCI / Job Posting

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OCI registration opens March 27, 2023

OCI requests accepted by

OCI requests accepted by Phone
Email to: [email protected]
Online, URL:
Email beginning date 03/27/2023
Phone beginning date 03/27/2023
Online beginning date 03/27/2023

Please specify any changes in OCI procedures or policies that will be in effect for the first time during 2023

OCI date assignment procedure

OCI date assignment procedure First come first served

We make every effort to accommodate employer requests.

OCI Fee? No
OCI date confirmation will be sent to employers 04/24/2023

If requested our school will coordinate with
University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

Required Employer Forms
By email or online via UB Law Connect (

OCI Date Details

OCI Interview Periods Round 1 - August 1, 2023 - August 11, 2023
Round 2 - September 6, 2023 - September 22, 2023

Callback period for 2L summer positions

Is video conferencing available? Yes

For information regarding virtual interviews, please contact: Alyson Todd, [email protected] or Lydia Whitney, [email protected]

Are employers permitted to prescreen? Yes


OCI Drop date 07/16/2023
Date student materials sent to employer 07/17/2023
Date interview schedule sent to employer 07/28/2023


Postage/express mail fee No.

Employers receive resumes and interview schedules on a rolling basis depending on OCI dates.

Do you provide resume collection or direct mail option for employers not participating in OCI? Yes


Are all OCI conducted in campus buildings? No

If no, describe alternatives and reservation procedure
On campus interviews are conducted onsite. We provide a virtual interview option.

If you organize or participate in either cooperative or off-campus interview programs, please list applicable information about participating schools, dates, interview locations, program coordinator/telephone, pre-screening or other selection process, and registration fees.
The University of Baltimore School of Law participated in the following programs: Washington DC/Baltimore Public Service Recruitment Fair (w/ American Univ., Catholic Univ., George Mason Univ., Howard University, Maryland Carey Law, and University of the District of Columbia); Equal Justice Works Conference & Career Fair; and the Loyola Patent Law Interview Program.

The University of Baltimore School of Law has participated in the following programs: American Bar Association, Judicial Internship Opportunity Program; Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Mid Atlantic Regional Job Fair; Delaware Diversity Job Fair; National Black Prosecutor Association Convention & Job Fair; Hispanic National Bar Association Convention & Job Fair; IMPACT Career Fair for Law Students and Lawyers with Disabilities; Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair; Montgomery County (MD) Scholars Pipeline Program and Baltimore County (MD) Scholars Program; Office of the Attorney General's Thurgood Marshall Clerkship Program; Vault and Minority Corporate Counsel Association Legal Diversity Career Fair; ACC National Capital Region Corporate Scholars Program ; Move the Needle 1L Diversity Pipeline Collective; Just the Beginning, A Pipeline Organization; various Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) 1L Scholars Program.

For Employers who do not interview students on-campus, will you:

send, upon request, one package containing resumes/transcripts? Yes
post a notice directing students to apply directly to employer? Yes

If you provide job listings for graduates, describe how to send notice, when employers can expect responses, length of time notice is posted (whether in print or online), etc.
Job listings may be 1. Posted on UB Law Connect at 2. Emailed to [email protected]; or 3. Communicated by telephone at 410-837-4404.

FIRST-YEAR STUDENT Describe any special regulations pertaining to the recruitment of first year students. For example, are first year students eligible for spring OCI? When are job notices posted during second semester?
We ask employers to respect that 1Ls should be focused on their studies in the first semester of law school. That said, summer positions can be posted on our job board on a rolling basis through the fall and winter, but the Spring On-Campus Interview program takes place in February of each year.

Recruiting Policy Information

Does your law school have a recruiting policy? Yes
If yes, does this policy apply to Subset of employers
Explain subset To ensure the highest standards of professionalism, fairness, transparency, and non-discrimination during the recruiting process, UB Law has adopted guidelines for the timing of offers and decisions for employers participating in our on-campus interview program.
Link to policy
Do you provide guidelines or a specific requirement regarding the number of days a student should have to respond to an offer? Guidelines
Minimum number of days a student should have to respond 14
Is there a maximum number of employment offers a student may hold open at any one time? No
Maximum number of offers that can be held open
Is there a specific date before which employers should not initiate formal one-on-one recruiting contact with first-year students? No
Recruiting policy comments/explanation In response to the revisions made to the NALP Principles, the Law Career Development Office recommended that all offers to law students participating in on-campus interviews should remain open for fourteen (14) days after the date of the offer letter. UB Law’s updated Recruiting Policy is sent to each employer participating in on campus interviews.