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Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ N/A 4.33
A N/A 4.0
A- N/A 3.67
B+ N/A 3.33
B N/A 3.0
B- N/A 2.67
C+ N/A 2.33
C N/A 2.0
C- N/A 1.67
D N/A 1.0
F N/A 0.0

All first year courses are subject to a mandatory grading range. Under the mandatory grading range, each faculty member teaching a section of any first year course shall have an average grade for the section taught by that faculty member , i.e., the arithmetic average of all of the grades assigned to students in the section, that is no lower than 2.67 and is no higher than 3.00. Grades shall be distributed within the required first year courses as follows: between 15-25% shall be grades of A- or higher and between 7-14% shall be grades of C- or below, except that, in each section of Introduction to Lawyering Skills the 7-14% range of grades of C- or lower is recommended but not required. Grades for upper level required and open enrollment courses shall average between 3.00 and 3.50 if the course has 11 or more enrolled. For courses fewer than 11 students, this grading average is recommended. Grades for upper level limited enrollment courses except clinics shall average between 3.00 and 3.67 if the course has 11 or more enrolled. For courses with 10 or fewer students, this average is recommended.