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OCI / Job Posting

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OCI registration opens 02/08/23

OCI requests accepted by

OCI requests accepted by Online, URL
Online beginning date 02/08/23

Please specify any changes in OCI procedures or policies that will be in effect for the first time during 2023
Response: We have scheduled our virtual Employer Interview Week (EIW) program for July 26-28, 2023. EIW will include private sector employers interviewing 2L students for 2024 summer positions and 3L students for 2024 entry-level positions. Our Fall On-Campus Interview Program (“Fall OCI”) takes place from September-October and features private and public sector employers recruiting 2Ls, 3Ls and LLM students for 2024 summer and entry-level positions. We anticipate that our 2023 Fall OCI program will be virtual.

OCI date assignment procedure

OCI date assignment procedure First come first served
Early/Late Rotation

EIW: Interview dates are assigned based on the preference order of the employers' requests in combination with their submission of the Interview Outcome Form (covering results from the previous year's OCI program). Additionally, NYU rotates accommodations of employers' date preferences and attempts to spread out employers evenly over all days of EIW in order to maximize interview opportunities for students.

OCI Fee? NYU fees include a non-refundable registration fee as well as schedule fees.
OCI date confirmation will be sent to employers 04/14/23

If requested our school will coordinate with
Other schools holding their OCI programs on the same dates.

Required Employer Forms
Registration is exclusively on-line. Employers must submit their Interview Outcome Form (covering results from the previous year's OCI program) in order to register and are encouraged to complete the employer profile on their Symplicity account for student reference.

OCI Date Details

OCI Interview Periods NYU does not have a designated flyback week. Employers and students are welcome to schedule callback interviews at their own conveniences.

Callback period for 2L summer positions
NYU does not have a designated flyback week. Employers and students are welcome to schedule callback interviews at their own conveniences; employers are encouraged to review NYU Law’s Academic Calendar ( and avoid scheduling interviews during students’ class times.

Is video conferencing available? Yes

Please contact Sara McDonough at [email protected] or call 212-992-8814.

Are employers permitted to prescreen

Are employers permitted to prescreen? No

If no, explain
Private sector employers are not permitted to prescreen through EIW (July 26-28, 2023) or Fall OCI (scheduled for September 2023-October 2023). Prior to EIW, law firm employers interviewing 2Ls for summer 2024 positions are permitted to prescreen through NYU Law’s Pre-Season Employment Program (“PEP”) or in limited circumstances; please review NYU Law’s Timing Guidelines and Policies for Employers for detailed information: Private Sector: Computerized lottery program based on students' ranked preferences. Public Sector (during Fall OCI): Public sector employers are permitted to prescreen student resumes and cover letters.


OCI Drop date 07/21/2023
Date student materials sent to employer 07/21/2023
Date interview schedule sent to employer 07/21/2023


Postage/express mail fee All materials are on-line.

Student resumes and interview schedules are available via Symplicity. For EIW: schedules will become available on or about 07/21/2023. For OCI: Preliminary schedules are available 1 week prior to OCI date; final schedules are available one day prior to the employer's interview date.

Do you provide resume collection or direct mail option for employers not participating in OCI? Yes


Are all OCI conducted in campus buildings? No

If no, describe alternatives and reservation procedure
We anticipate Virtual interviews in Fall 2023. Registration for all interview programs is processed online at

If you organize or participate in either cooperative or off-campus interview programs, please list applicable information about participating schools, dates, interview locations, program coordinator/telephone, pre-screening or other selection process, and registration fees.
NYU School of Law students may participate in the virtual Patent Law Interview Program hosted by Loyola University Chicago School of Law on Thursday and Friday, July 20-21. This nationwide interview program targets patent law employers and rising 2L and 3L students. IMPORTANT DATES FOR STUDENTS Student Registration Deadline: March 28 @ 12:59 a.m. EST/March 27 @ 11:59 p.m. CST Students Receive Access to PIPER: March 31 Student Bidding Begins: April 3 Student Bidding Deadline: May 2 @ 12:59 a.m. EST/May 1 @ 11:59 p.m. CST Employer Selections Available to Students: June 12 Student Decision Period: June 12 - June 19 Interview Schedules Available to Students: June 26 Student Cancellation Period: June 26 – July 16 2023 Patent Law Interview Program: July 20 & 21, 2023

Many Diversity Career Fairs are typically hosted nationwide over the summer. They are typically targeted to diverse students who are interested in a particular geographic market. Students have participated in a variety of job fairs which include, but are not limited to, the Bay Area Diversity Career Fair, Boston Lawyers Group Diversity Job Fair, Cook County Bar Association Minority Law Student Job Fair, Delaware Minority Job Fair, LGBT Bar Annual Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair; Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference; Northwest Minority Job Fair.

For Employers who do not interview students on-campus, will you:

send, upon request, one package containing resumes/transcripts? Yes
post a notice directing students to apply directly to employer? Yes

If you provide job listings for graduates, describe how to send notice, when employers can expect responses, length of time notice is posted (whether in print or online), etc.
NYU School of Law will post jobs for students or alumni free of charge: 1) For the most timely entry, employers may input notices of job opportunities directly into Symplicity at Employers will receive a confirmation when the listing has been activated and the job should post within 48 hours during regular business hours. If you have any questions about posting job listings, please contact Jemina Molines at 212-998-6094 or by email at [email protected]. There are various options for receiving the applications including a "batched" set on one specified date, or a contact name where the applications can be forwarded individually.

FIRST-YEAR STUDENT Describe any special regulations pertaining to the recruitment of first year students. For example, are first year students eligible for spring OCI? When are job notices posted during second semester?
First-year students are eligible to participate in the Spring On-Campus Interview (“OCI”) Program. Employers who are interested in hiring 1Ls are encouraged to interview students through OCI. Employers may also post job listings on Symplicity free of charge for current students and graduates. Listings generally go live on-line within 48 hours. Employers may also conduct targeted outreach to individual student groups, communicate with 1Ls and work with the Office of Career Services to send event invitations to 1Ls.

Recruiting Policy Information

Does your law school have a recruiting policy? Yes
If yes, does this policy apply to All employers
Link to policy
Do you provide guidelines or a specific requirement regarding the number of days a student should have to respond to an offer? Guidelines
Minimum number of days a student should have to respond 14
Is there a maximum number of employment offers a student may hold open at any one time? Yes
Maximum number of offers that can be held open 3
Is there a specific date before which employers should not initiate formal one-on-one recruiting contact with first-year students? Yes
What is the date before which employers should not initiate contact with first-year students? November 15
Recruiting policy comments/explanation Please check our website for the most updated and accurate information regarding recruiting policies and guidelines: