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OCI / Job Posting

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OCI registration opens 2/17/2023

OCI requests accepted by

OCI requests accepted by Mail
Email to: [email protected]
Online, URL:
Email beginning date 02/17/2023
Mail beginning date 02/17/2023
Phone beginning date 02/17/2023
Online beginning date 02/17/2023

Please specify any changes in OCI procedures or policies that will be in effect for the first time during 2023
Our Fall 2023 Interviewing Program provides for virtual and in-person interviews. Interviews will be held virtually and in person throughout the month of August and September. A virtual interviewing session will also be held in November.

OCI date assignment procedure

OCI date assignment procedure Early/Late Rotation

Virtual Interviewing Sessions Tuesday, August 1, 2023 through Thursday, August 3, 2023 and Friday, November 10th, 2023. In-Person Interviewing Sessions Wednesday, August 9, 2023 (Chicago) Thursday, September 7, 2023 (Champaign). For law firms with 50+ lawyers, the fee for the virtual session is $200. There is no fee for the virtual session for law firms with fewer than 50 lawyers, government agencies, or non-profits. There are no fees for our Champaign in-person session. The fee for our Chicago in-person interviewing program, which will take place at our Illini Center facility, located at 200 South Wacker Drive in Chicago, is $500 for a full-day schedule (for all employers, including public sector and non-profit agencies). Please click on one of the following links to register:

OCI Fee? In-Person OCI (Chicago): $500; Virtual ($200-firms w/50+ attorneys; no charge for government, non-profits, and firms with <50 lawyers)
OCI date confirmation will be sent to employers 04/01/2023

If requested our school will coordinate with
We will coordinate with area law schools. We will also consider other requests on a case by case basis.

Required Employer Forms
Via Symplicity. Account holders may register for our on-campus interview program by logging in and choosing “Submit Schedule Request” under Shortcuts on the account homepage. Via our online Registration Form.

OCI Date Details

OCI Interview Periods Virtual Interviewing Sessions: Tuesday, August 1, 2023; Wednesday, August 2, 2023; Thursday, August 3, 2023; and Friday, November 10, 2023. In-Person Interviewing Sessions: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 (Chicago) and Thursday, September 7, 2023 (Champaign). OCI is year round; the dates listed above are "Early" OCI rounds

Callback period for 2L summer positions
Employer's preference

Is video conferencing available? Yes

The College of Law also has FloRecruit, Zoom, MS Teams, and Skype in addition to videoconference capabilities.

Are employers permitted to prescreen? Yes


OCI Drop date 06/20/2023
Date student materials sent to employer 07/07/2023
Date interview schedule sent to employer 07/26/2023


Postage/express mail fee


Do you provide resume collection or direct mail option for employers not participating in OCI? Yes


Are all OCI conducted in campus buildings? No

If no, describe alternatives and reservation procedure
Our Fall 2023 Interviewing Program provides for virtual and in-person interviews. Interviews will be held virtually and in person throughout the month of August. A virtual interviewing session will also be held in November. The Chicago in-person interviewing program will take place at our Illini Center facility, located at 200 South Wacker Drive.

If you organize or participate in either cooperative or off-campus interview programs, please list applicable information about participating schools, dates, interview locations, program coordinator/telephone, pre-screening or other selection process, and registration fees.
Patent Law Interview Program, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chicago, IL; The Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair, Washington, DC; Midwest Public Interest Law Career Conference, Chicago Area Law School Consortium, Chicago, IL; National Law School Consortium (NY,DC,FL); National Public Law School Association (nationwide: CA, NY, FL, TX, DC, MO, NC, etc.); New Engkand Interview Program (virtual).

Bay Area Job Fair, CA; Boston Lawyers Group Job Fair for Students of Color, MA; Cook County Bar Association Minority Law Student Job Fair, IL; Damali Booker 1L Minority Job Fair, TN; Delaware Minority Job Fair for 1Ls, DE; Delaware Minority Job Fair for 2Ls & 3Ls, DE; Heartland Diversity Job Fair, MO Hispanic National Bar Association Convention & Career Fair, AZ; IndyBar Diversity Job Fair, IN; Lavender Law Career Fair, IL; Minnesota Minority Recruitment Fair, Washington DC; National Black Prosecutors Job Fair, IL; Northwest Minority Job Fair, WA; Rocky Mountain Diversity Legal Career Fair, CO; St. Louis Diversity Job Fair, MO

For Employers who do not interview students on-campus, will you:

send, upon request, one package containing resumes/transcripts? Yes
post a notice directing students to apply directly to employer? Yes

If you provide job listings for graduates, describe how to send notice, when employers can expect responses, length of time notice is posted (whether in print or online), etc.
We continuously update our College of Law Symplicity database so College of Law students, graduates, and employers can have access to postings. Employers already registered in the Symplicity may post jobs and update employer information directly. Other employers may contact out office by mail, facsimile, or email with job posting requests. No fees are charged for these services.

FIRST-YEAR STUDENT Describe any special regulations pertaining to the recruitment of first year students. For example, are first year students eligible for spring OCI? When are job notices posted during second semester?
First-year law students are eligible to participate in Spring OCI, beginning in January and throughout the remainder of the spring semester. Additionally job notices are posted in the College of Law's Symplicity database as they are received.

Recruiting Policy Information

Does your law school have a recruiting policy? Yes
If yes, does this policy apply to
Link to policy
Do you provide guidelines or a specific requirement regarding the number of days a student should have to respond to an offer?
Minimum number of days a student should have to respond
Is there a maximum number of employment offers a student may hold open at any one time?
Maximum number of offers that can be held open
Is there a specific date before which employers should not initiate formal one-on-one recruiting contact with first-year students?
Recruiting policy comments/explanation IMPORTANT NOTE: If an employer wishes to deviate from these Guidelines, it may do so, if: 1. The firm provides its written policy (including the manner in which it deviates from these guidelines) with interviewees at the time of the initial interview and via e-mail to Greg Miarecki at [email protected] OR 2. It notifies the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development at least 24 hours in advance of extending an offer not in compliance with these Guidelines and discloses to the student, in writing, the offer terms that do not comply with these Guidelines. Notifications must be made to Greg Miarecki ([email protected]) and Alex Piller ([email protected]).