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Letter Grades Other Grading System? Numerical Equivalents
A+ n/a n/a
A n/a 4.0
A- n/a 3.67
B+ n/a 3.33
B n/a 3.0
B- n/a 2.67
C+ n/a 2.33
C n/a 2.0
C- n/a n/a
D n/a 1.0
F n/a 0.0

Consistent with Baylor Law's high standards of excellence and professionalism, good grades do not come easily. While many law schools employ an "A to C" scale similar to other graduate schools. Baylor has a true "A to F" scale. It is not unusual for excellent students to receive a "C," which Baylor Law faculty consider a satisfactory grade. Further, nearly two-thirds of a Baylor Law student's course load is required, so students do not have the opportunity to "pad" their GPA. We ask that you keep these points in mind when reviewing Baylor Law transcripts and resumes.